We specialize in traditional wooden boats that range from small, flat bottom skiffs to lobsterboats and sailboats up to 30’. We will also restore boats on occasion. Visitors to the Shop often ask what we do with all the boats the apprentices build after they are finished. A small number of the boats (the skiffs, for example) are built on spec, and are available for purchase after launch day. The vast majority of larger boats built at the Shop, however, are projects commissioned by private individuals. We are happy to discuss things further if you have a specific plan in mind. Alternatively, we can furnish you with a number of examples of boats we have built in the past if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for.

If you are interested in acquiring or restoring a traditional wooden boat, there are many reasons to consider having it built or restored at the Apprenticeshop. The cost to build is reasonable compared to commercial shops, and folks who choose to have boats built with us also have the satisfaction of knowing that their vessel’s construction has been central to the Apprenticeshop’s core mission and operation. Your boat will become a vital part of our apprentices’ educational experience. It will be constructed or restored with the finest traditional materials available under the supervision of a master boatbuilder to ensure the highest levels of craftsmanship in execution.

The quality of work coming out of our shop is of great importance to us. We work closely with owners to make sure that the timeline of completion will meet their expectations while also aligning with the Apprenticeshop’s schedule. Locally based owners are welcome to periodically visit and check in on progress, and we keep in close contact with owners from out of town. Each boat that leaves the shop is a part of an international Apprenticeshop fleet that numbers in the hundreds and has been growing for more than three decades. 

For questions about commissioning an Apprenticeshop boat, contact Shop Director Kevin Carney at kevinc@apprenticeshop.org.