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The Apprentice Program

This 2-year apprenticeship program is the core of what we offer here at the Apprenticeshop. It is an intensive experience designed to teach most aspects of traditional wooden boatbuilding and seamanship. What sets us apart from other boatbuilding schools is our commitment to teaching apprentices how to both build and sail traditional boats.

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12-Week Intensive

The 12-week Small Boatbuilding Program is a shorter course designed to give participants a basic understanding of traditional boatbuilding. This program is designed around the construction of a 12-foot Susan Skiff.



Want to learn a new skill in a week or develop an appreciation for a new craft over the course of a weekend? The Apprenticeshop has a range of workshops we offer yearly. Workshops include oar and half hull model making, bronze casting, metal brazing, and marlinspike seamanship. You can even come spend a week and build a toboggan with us in the winter!

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Commission a Boat

Have you always wanted a boat? Commission us to build the boat of your dreams. We specialize in traditional wooden boats that range from small, flat bottom skiffs to lobsterboats and sailboats up to 30’. We will also restore boats on occasion. Please inquire for more information.