Summer Sailing is in Full Swing

Summer Sailing started Monday June 24th and was a huge success. After some review, we had every single student out sailing; including multiple first time sailors.


Wednesday was celebrated by sailing across the harbor to Broad Cove, for a lunch at anchor. Nate and Emma each captained one of the ’Twins’. Summer instructors had a chance to call the shots on sail trim and rotating students through steering on the twins, which several had never sailed on before. In-between steering, kids had a wonderful time making towel forts under the thwarts while they were pursued by the older students who sailed their 420 dinghies across the harbor.


Several 420 sailors progressed to using trapezes and spinnakers by the end of the week, and many enjoyed testing the buoyancy of the boats during light air Thursday morning, over the warm and shallow waters of Lermond Cove. How many sailors does it take to swamp a 420 you may wonder? More than 7!

Friday was glorious, blue skies and sun. After a fantastic parade, students de-rigged and came ashore for a graduation ceremony catered by adoring and supportive parents and grandparents.

Week 2 has started similarly well, and you know what, I think we’re going to have a really good time.