Breakwater Blast Regatta

By Tori Willauer


Last Sunday, 5 Maine High School Sailing teams gathered at the Apprenticeshop for a day of fleet racing. Teams included: Rockland Community Sailing, Islesboro Central School, Mount Desert High School, George Steven Academy, and Boothbay High School.

The day started out with zero wind but we did get two races off, drifting around the course. This was a JV regatta with A and B fleets that sailed as one large fleet of 15 boats. By the end of the afternoon, the wind filled in and we had 7 races. Rockland Community Sailing placed third overall, with 52 points. Boothbay High School came in second with 26 points. And Islesboro Central School was first overall, with 14 points.



Rockland Community Sailing (RCS) - Skippers: Alton Coolidge, Ella Ryan, William Eggena. Crew: Claudia Fox, Lizzie Larson and Spenser Dorr.

Mount Sesert High School (MDI) -Skippers: Nate Ingebritson, Nate Philbrooke, Jacob Peobody, Naomi Welch. Crew: Alec Fisichella, Sofie Dowling, Alex Burnett, Sarah Knox, and Kylie Higgins.

George Steven’s Academy (GSA): Skippers: Katie Forrest, Crew: Susanna Jakub, Hope Bowden and Ryan Mitchell.

Islesboro Central School (ICS): Skippers :Sophie LAu, Lake Lindelof, Jasper Louden. Crew: Pia Gibson, Anika Rogers, Rylee Sienkiewics and Jett Lindelof.

BoothBay High School (BBHS): Skippers:  Ella Beauregard, Nate Greaves, Toby Clarkson and Bobby Clarkson. Crew: Hamilton Barclay, Nate Rideout and Della Hahn.