Welcome Ray!


Ray Hurley is new to the Shop. He started as a 12-week student two weeks ago. We wanted to check in and see how his first two weeks here have been...

Where are you from?

Tampa Florida

What brought you to the Apprenticeshop?

I heard about it through a boat show. I've wanted to build a boat for a while but I was gainfully employed. I'm retired now.

What were you doing before you retired?

I was a professor at the University of South Florida in three departments: the Communications, Sciences and Disorders Department, the Psychology Department, and the Ear, Nose, and Throat Department. I taught grad students, medical students, residents, and also did research on hearing and balance.

What do you like best about the Shop?

The togetherness of the people here; it's a very nice community. People are accommodating, willing to share information - it's a very nice educational environment.

What has been most difficult for you in your first two weeks here?

I've been a little too aggressive with a chisel or a plane. I'm learning to control that urgency of mine.