The Apprenticeshop is an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring personal growth through craftsmanship, community, and traditions of the sea.

Apprenticeshop programs were inspired by the philosophy of Kurt Hahn, an instrumental figure in the development of experiential education. Like Hahn, we believe education should encourage both thought and action—not one or the other, but both at once.

Traditional boatbuilding, seamanship, and sailing for youth and adults are the hands-on experiences we use to challenge individuals to explore their personal potential.


Our core traditional boatbuilding programs include the 2-year Apprenticeship Program, an intensive experience designed to teach all aspects of traditional wooden boatbuilding and seamanship. he greatest builders are also confident mariners, and the greatest sailors can fix their craft at sea. Having the opportunity not only to build but also to sail traditional boats is one of the many components that sets The Apprenticeshop apart from other schools.

The 12-week Small Boatbuilding Program, a shorter course designed to give participants an understanding of basic traditional boatbuilding, focused on the construction of a 12-foot Susan skiff.

Since 1998 our Sailing Programs have provided fun and exciting seamanship and sailing classes for youth and adults in spring, summer and fall. Participants develop self-confidence, teamwork, and good sportsmanship while forming connections to the maritime environment that last a lifetime. Our popular youth summer program gets students ages 5-18 out-rigging and sailing while learning safety, tides, weather, knots, racing, and seamanship skills.

Throughout the year the Shop also offers a variety of Workshops and Short Courses, which can include skin-on-frame kayak construction, bronze casting, half hull model making, toboggan workshops, and more.

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