Rent traditional row and sail boats on Rockland Harbor.
Seasonal Waterfront Memberships or Hourly rates available for row boats for non-members. 
July through September.

The Apprenticeshop offers a fleet of small traditional sail and row boats for use by members and non-members during the season. Don't own your own boat? Visiting from out of town? The Boat Livery has you covered. Our goal is to get the community connected to Rockland Harbor aboard our traditional wooden boats. Join us on the water this season.


Become a Waterfront Member for Full Access to all Boat Rentals

July through September 15th

Hours:   Monday - Friday  9am - 7pm |   Weekends by appointment

Rowboats:  Available hourly to anyone.  Walk in service often available but recommend calling ahead to schedule your row time.
$30/hr. per boat for up to 3 hours

Sailboats:  Available to Members only.  Waterfront Members are given seasonal access to our sailing vessels after being pre-qualified with a staff member for a quick check out during the rental season.  There is a membership discount for those who might still be new to sailing and would like to also sign up for sailing lessons in order to qualify for handling a vessel on your own.
Recommend scheduling ahead by at least 48 hours. 

SEASONAL WATERFRONT MEMBERSHIP:   Access use of our fleet of sail or row boats. 3 hour limits per boat per use. Reservations recommended.  Vessels are for use during days only and not permitted beyond the breakwater.
*An authorized staff member of The Apprenticeshop will discuss your experience and knowledge of rowing and/or sailing to determine your eligibility for membership and to rent from the Boat Livery. This conversation will include general knowledge of boats, the harbor, tides, weather, safety, boat and line handling, knot tying, and basic seamanship practices.  At least one "qualified" person must be present on each vessel when renting more than one boat at a time.

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP  $325/year  This membership grants access to one member and one guest on our fleet boats.

HOUSEHOLD MEMBERSHIP  $600/year  Up to five people may access the fleet.  Two boats may be checked out at once.

BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP  $900/year  Up to ten people may access fleet boats.  As many as three vessels may be checked out at once, provided that a pre-qualified sailor is on board each vessel.

As Waterfront Members, you'll also receive regular updates from The 'Shop, as well as invitations to all our events and activities.

Download the forms, fill them out, call for your check-out appointment and get on the water!

Call 207-594-1800 or email to learn more.



Capacity: 3
16’ 5” Sloop
About the Wianno Jr.
Smaller sister to the Wianno Sr., “Oh Monah” is a sloop-rigged, easy to handle, shoal draft, centerboard daysailer that was originally conceived as a junior trainer in the Cape Cod area and raced regularly up until the early 1960s. Great little sailboat for breezy afternoons on Rockland harbor.

Capacity: 3
About the Peapod:
This beautiful double-ender was recently built in our shop.  Pea pods were widely used throughout the coast of Maine for fishing and even lobstering under oar and sail.  This stout little boat with it's spritsail rig is perfect for exploring the harbor.



Capacity: 1-4
Rowing stations: 2
Details: 16' Ship Chandler's Whitehall
About the Whitehall:
The most noted of American rowing workboats, whitehalls row easy, track well, and move fast through both smooth and choppy water. Roomy, stable and comfortable, one or two rowers will enjoy zipping out to the Breakwater and back, or seal watching in the north end of the harbor. Comfortable seating for an additional passenger.



Capacity: 1-3
Rowing stations: 2
About the Susan Skiff:
This little flat-bottom skiff is a perfect harbor tender for exploring the quiet spots and shallows of Rockland harbor. With its wide, flat bottom the Susan is stable and will let you row in just inches of water. Two rowing stations with a passenger seat back aft