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Beginning with your most recent job, please explain briefly. Please provide more than one work experience.
List any skills or experience that you feel is related to The Apprenticeshop Boat Building program
Directions for Submission Have letters of recommendation sent to: The Apprenticeshop Attn: Apprenticeshop Director 655 Main Street Rockland, Maine 04841 OR Send via email to: info@apprenticeshop.og. If you wish to print and mail a copy of this application, please download this page and send to 655 Main Street, Rockland, Maine 04841. Otherwise please click SUBMIT and we'll be back in touch. Thank you!
Recommendations are required for the 2-year apprenticeship only. Please submit two letters of recommendation from employers, teachers, or other non-relatives who can speak to your character and your personal qualities. One letter should be from an employer, teacher, or other non-relative, and the other can be from a personal source. Please ask whomever is writing your letter to follow these instructions: RECOMMENDATION INSTRUCTIONS: (YOUR NAME) is applying to The Apprenticeshop, a school for traditional boatbuilding and seamanship in Rockland, Maine. He/She will be working in a professional shop environment learning the arts and skills of traditional wooden boatbuilding, working with crews of two to five people. You have been asked to provide a reference speaking to the contributions this individual will make to the shop. If he/she is accepted, the reference will become a part of the individual’s file. In a word document or PDF please tell us: 1) How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant? 2) Describe the applicant's work ethic. 3) Do you think the applicant is truly interested in The Apprenticeshop program? 4) Describe how the applicant interacts with others. Please share any additional comments that may be helpful.