The Apprenticeshop is an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to a mission of inspiring personal growth through craftsmanship, community, and traditions of the sea. Throughout its history, traditional boatbuilding, sailing, and seamanship are the tools we use to allow individuals to challenge themselves and to explore their potential. The philosophy behind our boat shop and on-the-water programs is simple: learning to do anything is best accomplished through direct experience. Apprenticeshop programs were inspired by the philosophy of Kurt Hahn, an instrumental figure in the development of experiential education. Like Hahn, we believe education should encourage both thought and action--not one or the other, but both at once. The Apprenticeshop is in its 44th year in 2016 and our mission has never changed.

Contact us for more information about traditional wooden boatbuilding, workshops, youth or adult sailing, how to get involved, or if you want more information about having a small boat built or repaired.