Time flew while at the Shop, and when I returned to the real world I had a lovely boat. I highly recommend the 12-week program.
— Otto Rowling, Prescott, Arizona, Advanced Intensive Participant


The 12-week Small Boatbuilding Program teaches the basic of boatbuilding around the construction of the Susan skiff, a 12-foot, flat-bottomed lapstrake rowboat, the Susan skiff. Participants may take the boat home upon completion or leave it at the Shop to be sold to benefit Shop programs. All tools, materials, and supplies are provided, though participants are encouraged to bring their own tools if they have them. The 12-week program allows for the completion of the Susan skiff at a pace which is comfortable to most students. 12-week participants are active members of the Shop community, participating in Friday walk-around, Shop clean up, field trips, seamanship programs during the sailing season, and other Shop activities.

Participants who have the most successful 12-week program are curious and self-motivated, yet willing to seek help and ask questions. During your time here, you will build one boat and work through the details of constructing that design. You will also have the opportunity to learn about other boat construction during Friday walk-around and Friday activities with apprentices and staff.

Extended/Advanced Program

For those with previous woodworking or boatbuilding experience, we offer an advanced short program. From construction of a more complicated small tender to construction of a sailing rig, the advanced internship provides self-motivated individuals the opportunity to build a boat of their choosing. (Boat designs in the advanced program must be discussed and approved by Shop staff prior to the start of the project.)


12-Week Boatbuilding Intensive:
$6,000 includes tuition, material costs, and a finished boat.

Extended/Advanced Program:
$400 per week. Materials costs not included.

Start dates are flexible. Inquire for more information.